How "crypto" is that?

The entire decentralized space
is controlled by
two centralized dinosaurs.

Coin listing market

Them - Worth $6 B due to 12M visitors & 30 new projects listed daily

CryptoToday - Not corrupt. First ever decentralized market cap community

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  • $6 Billion

  • Centralized, market monopoly

  • Anybody can pay to get listed

  • Scams listed

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  • $? Billion

  • Decentralized

  • Community Web3 voting

  • Only verified listings

Reinventing coin listing business

Fair Launch is soon

100 B LIST - Max supply:

30 B - Fair launch (for investors)

10 B - Team

60 B - Treasury

Burning mechanism

Token locking


+6% bonus until Fair launch countdown begins

Only community is allowed to invest.

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Total sum raised:

48.69 ETH

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Why we do it?

...because we love crypto!

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